An Alternative Vision for Transforming Vauxhall

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Vauxhall Place: A new urban vision for London 

Vauxhall is changing but do Lambeth Council and Transport for London’s plans, currently under-way, truly address the needs and demands of the area?

In response to Lambeth Council and Transport for London’s (TfL) plan to create a two-way version of Vauxhall’s existing gyratory, Our Vauxhall, have produced an ambitious community-led design which reduces traffic and pollution while creating a major new public space for central London.

With over 80,000 vehicles a day travelling around the tube, rail and bus interchange, Lambeth and Transport for London’s plans to modify the gyratory do not properly address the needs of the area.

Our Vauxhall, an association of volunteers, comprising local residents, businesses, engineers and architects, have worked out an alternative proposal for this very busy traffic interchange. The ambitious, yet  viable, scheme places people and cyclists at the fore, by improving Vauxhall’s public realm and creating a major new public space for central London, one that is the size of five Olympic swimming pools.

Our Vauxhall’s scheme – developed with the pro-bona support of Alan Baxter Associates and DSDHA – challenges Lambeth and TfL’s current proposal for the Vauxhall gyratory and demolition of the central bus station.

With significantly less disruption to road users, Our Vauxhall’s vision will exceed Lambeth’s current objectives for the area while also transforming busy roads into high quality public space at the heart of Vauxhall. The transformation of the north part of South Lambeth Road into a new public space will connect Vauxhall Park with Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, in this way completing the green route planned between Battersea and Nine Elms.

Our Vauxhall’s vision:

  • Creates new high quality public space for people of all ages and backgrounds, going to and from all destinations to enjoy, including a major new green space at the heart of Vauxhall,
  • Improves road safety and reduces journey times,
  • Reduces air and noise pollution,
  • Reduces service traffic in the area through the use of consolidation centres,
  • Creates jobs and opportunities for development,
  • Creates better connections to local homes, businesses, destinations and new developments and attractions,
  • Considers existing and future transport trends and the dramatic scale of change Vauxhall is undergoing,

In contrast to TfL’s plans which:

  • Cause large disruption for little benefit to the local community,
  • Fail to tackle the impact of noise and air pollution on the area,
  • Concentrate all the improvements on to the Nine Elms side of the viaduct,
  • Do not consider the wider impact on the daily journeys made to and from the transport interchange, work, school and home,
  • And fail to understand the broader urban design issues or capitalise on the opportunity to radically improve the quality of public realm,

“Closing off part of South Lambeth Road would reduce the impact of traffic and encourage better connectivity between existing and emerging communities.” says Our Vauxhall’s Michael Keane.

Kate Hoey, Vauxhall’s MP, spoke out on behalf of local groups in early September, challenging the TfL proposals and stating that they should “Let people make their own choice.”

We need your support to make our voice heard and make sure that the future plans for the Vauxhall will achieve the best for the area and its community. Please visit, like us on Facebook at Our Vauxhall or tweet #OurVauxhall to @OurVauxhall.

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