Let Londoner’s decide future of Vauxhall – petition

TfL continue to ignore the wishes of local residents, businesses, Kate Hoey MP for Vauxhall and many others.  They seem determined to rush through a flawed scheme for Vauxhall before the London Mayoral election.

  • Their plan fails to overall improve traffic flow through Vauxhall and will most likely result in increased congestion.
  • Their plan to demolish the existing Vauxhall Bus station and build a tower block of undeclared height will potentially cause traffic disruption particularly to bus passengers for years.

The outcome of a consultation can only be as good as the best option in it. We are confident that in a straight competition Our Vauxhall would beat TfL’s proposal and TfL know it.  Londoner’s should be allowed to decide.

If you want to help make sure the community’s voice is heard please sign up to our petition here




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