Aerial shot of Vauxhall 1938

1938 aerial shot of Vauxhall when gyratory was first created

Dear Cabbie


TfL are planning some major changes around Vauxhall – removing part of the gyratory, demolishing the bus station and replacing it with something else. Here is their ‘consultation’ page

TfL plan to permanently remove road space and turn Vauxhall bus station into a building site for several years.  There will be no roll back.

If TfL get it wrong (many locals think they will), Vauxhall will be a mess for years to come

There is a much better solution known as ‘Our Vauxhall’. The plan has been developed by local architects, urban design specialists, transport engineers and local residents who know the area really well. Compared with TfL’s scheme, Our Vauxhall has;

  • Fewer traffic lights
  • Fewer overall left/right turns
  • Shorter overall distance to travel
  • Fewer banned movements (no left/no right turns)

It’s better for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and buses.  TfL think it won’t work.  We want your help to prove TfL wrong.

We’re looking for a few cabbies who know the area to go over Our Vauxhall and TfL’s plans and see who is right.
If you are interested, here are the contact details:

If you think Our Vauxhall deserves a fair hearing, please respond to TfL’s Vauxhall Cross ‘consultation’ and reject their proposal.  It is in everyone’s interest to get Vauxhall right.

Please get the message out and support Our Vauxhall

Thank you

Michael Keane
On behalf of Our Vauxhall


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  1. Ian Parrott says:

    As a driver in London everything TFL do is for the benefit of TFL not Londoners or Vauxhall residents, so TFL do everyone a favour & leave it alone!!

  2. says:

    Thanks for comment. Kate Hoey (MP for Vauxhall) and many others asked for a minimal option to be included. Oddly enough, we think our approach has a good chance of getting vehicles faster through Vauxhall than either the current gyratory or TfL’s approach. You may care to check out their claimed journey times and see how many you believe 🙂

  3. Daniel Warden says:

    I’m behind you every step of the way. TFL in the cab trade stands for Totally Failing London. Enough said. You have my vote any and every day of the week.

  4. Rick o Shea says:

    I wouldn’t trust tfl with a packet of biscuits. Their working knowledge of traffic management is non existent and their incompetence is astounding. #gridlock.

  5. David says:

    I am a London Black cabbie and Iam behind you every step of the way has tfl are putting London to a stop

  6. Nat says:

    Who is the Tfl, bunch of faceless useless tw**s! Look at the mess they have made at elephant and castle but they are still ploughing ahead with more if the same…nightmares will ensue when the traffic light system there breaks down

  7. Doug W says:

    Just look at the mess they’ve made removing the third lane of traffic northbound towards the gyratory from oval for the widest cycle lane and crossing I’ve ever seen!

  8. Shawn Burgess says:

    They’re not thinking of turning Vauhall Cross back to Vauxhall Cross are they surely not.They are great at messing up junctions,crossings,no rights,no lefts,one ways into two ways and visa versa. About as much use to London as an ash tray on a motorcycle.

  9. says:

    Our approach has one fewer traffic lights than at present. TfL’s solution has one more. 4 of the 6 key junctions of Vauxhall are a lot simpler due to reduced turning movements so traffic should flow a little easier even if there is a traffic light system failure. TfL won’t agree of course.

  10. says:

    Their plan requires traffic lights with 4 stages at the Kennington Lane/South Lambeth/Harleyford Junction so traffic flowing along Harleyford will face a shorter green time. Fairly obvious what the consequences of that will be. In contrast, we have full 2 way working so can do away with traffic light at Durham Street. We allow left turn into South Lambeth Rod but none/minimal coming out. Our traffic lights have three stages so have longer green time. In other words we can probably improve traffic flow allong Kennington Oval to Harleyford etc.