Our Vauxhall would like to thank everyone who responded to the Transport for London Vauxhall Cross Consultation. The results of the consultation can be viewed here.

Our Vauxhall welcomes Transport for London’s decision  to delay the next phase of the project in order to consider all points raised in the consultation in further detail. We look forward to working with TfL and Lambeth over the coming months to create a better solution for Vauxhall than the one currently proposed.

Our Vauxhall’s priority remains ensuring the best outcome possible for Vauxhall is achieved during this transformation. We believe this means considering the scale of development the area is undergoing, improving levels of air and noise pollution, improving the quality of public realm and accessibility of Vauxhall’s existing public spaces, retaining the access and openness of the bus station and transport interchange, considering both sides of the gyratory, creating jobs for Vauxhall and improving safety for all. We believe that working alongside TfL and Lambeth we can develop a vision for Vauxhall that considers all of these outcomes

Over the next few weeks we will be lobbying mayoral candidates and candidates standing for seats in the GLA to ensure they understand the strategic importance of Vauxhall within London and the limitations of the current TfL and Lambeth. Please join us and lobby the candidates to ensure the best outcome for Vauxhall.

Please see below our latest plan for the Vauxhall interchange based on additional traffic modelling produced during the TfL consultation period.


Vauxhall Village Centre 2016-03-01


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