How to support Our Vauxhall’s Vision

How you can help
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Over the past two weeks we have had a fantastic response and resounding support for our proposals from the local community. Thank you for getting in touch, liking our Facebook page, following us on twitter and providing us with very useful feedback.

Please help us ensure the plans for Vauxhall’s future achieve the best for our community by contacting Council leader, Lib Peck,, using either the text below or in your own words.  Let her know you support Our Vauxhall’s vision.

[Note: If you pass through Vauxhall regularly, you might want to add something personal about your journey whether pedestrian, cyclist, bus user or driver etc..  We think our plan will get everyone faster and more safely through Vauxhall than TfL’s plans will]

To:  Lambeth Council Leader Lib Peck


Subject: Our Vauxhall

Dear Lib Peck,

Lambeth Council and Transport for London’s plans for Vauxhall are not good enough. We need a better future for Vauxhall.

Why is Lambeth not openly supporting Our Vauxhall’s inspired community‐led design for Vauxhall including a major new public green space?  It would be a wonderful asset for the area. Vauxhall deserves more than a few widened pavements. Our Vauxhall’s vision has all of the benefits of the official plans and more;

  • A major new green space at the heart of Vauxhall which everyone of all ages and backgrounds can safely enjoy,
  • It is more environmentally friendly
  • It creates better connections to local homes and businesses
    (Thousands of local residents will be able to reach the bus station without having to cross a single main road)
  • It is safer
  • It is better for jobs and businesses

What’s not to like? We want a future for Vauxhall that looks to the 2050s not back to the 1950s.  Please support Our Vauxhall’s proposal. You know it makes sense.  This is a once in generation opportunity so let’s not waste it.

I look forward to your reply and support.

Kind regards