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Our vision is different to Transport for London’s, our vision is a transformation from this…

248_ Before no lab- scaled Presentation page images 01to this…

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Creating a strategic Green Link that runs from Battersea Park to Vauxhall Spring Gardens.

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Vauxhall is a key strategic transport interchange where South West meets Central London. It is on the boundary of the congestion zone, a major transport interchange, a key part of London’s Strategic Road Network and home to tens of thousands of people. What happens in Vauxhall is important for all Londoners. Despite a mere 10 years passing since the last attempt at transforming the interchange – TfL and Lambeth are once again ‘Transforming Vauxhall.’  https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/vauxhall-cross Considering the amount of disruption this latest ‘Transformation’ of Vauxhall will bring we believe that we must challenge TfL and Lambeth to place people and cyclists at the fore of their plans and consider the  future development of the area to ensure the best outcome possible for Vauxhall.

Our Vauxhall’s ambitious, yet completely viable, community-led scheme places people and cyclists to the fore, improving the interchange’s public realm, East-West connections and creating a major new public space for central London that links Battersea Park, along the Linear Park and our new Vauxhall Place, to Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Considering the existing character of the area, its rich heritage, cultural significance and through speaking to those travelling through Vauxall daily, Our Vauxhall’s plans seek to positively address the scale of development being undertaken in Vauxhall. Developed with the support of Alan Baxter Associates and DSDHA Studio – Our Vauxhall’s proposals challenge Lambeth Council and Transport for London’s plans proposing an alternative transformation for Vauxhall. Causing significantly less disruption to road users whilst exceeding Lambeth’s current objectives for the area, Our Vauxhall’s proposals transform a traffic dominated interchange into a high quality new civic space and a busy road into a green oasis at the heart of Vauxhall, whilst also considering how the interchange will need to adapt to respond to the demands of future population growth.

The key elements of our vision which has been is designed to last are:

  1. A new public green space on South Lambeth Road – Vauxhall Place
    This is possible because traffic to/from Stockwell uses the Parry Street viaduct crossing and traffic to/from Kennington/Oval uses the Kennington Lane viaduct crossing.  This automatically regulates traffic flow in the area opening up multiple public realm and commercial opportunities.
  2. A new public shared use green space on Durham Street
    Full two way working reduces traffic flow along Durham Street to point where shared use can be implemented.
  3. South Lambeth Place indoor market
    Simplified bus station entrances/exits allows South Lambeth Place to be closed to through traffic and used for other purposes such as an indoor market.
  4. A safer and more efficient transport interchange
    Our Vauxhall approach works with multiple bus station configurations including retention of the existing bus station canopy.  It has two entrances/exits which simplifies bus flows making it safer for all.

The ‘BEFORE’ image below shows a simplified view of the existing main roads* through Vauxhall.  The ‘AFTER’ image shows how the main roads would work in Our Vauxhall’s fully designed and engineered vision.

248_Before -scaled Presentation page images 08

This offers significant benefits over and above a simple two way version of the existing gyratory and retention of the smaller gyratory (whether clock wise or anti-clockwise) as originally proposed by Transport for London.  The additional benefits to Our Vauxhall’s plan include:

  • Improvements to the public realm,
  • Creation of a major new green spaces at the heart of Vauxhall,
  • Reduction in journey times through Vauxhall,
  • Smoother traffic flow through Vauxhall,
  • More direct bus routes,
  • Creation of jobs and opportunities for development,
  • Creation of new high quality public space for people of all ages and backgrounds, going to and from all destinations to enjoy,
  • Improved road safety,
  • Improved levels of air and noise pollution,
  • Reduction in traffic through out the area through the use of consolidation centres,
  • Better connections to local businesses, destinations and new developments and attractions,
  • More jobs in Vauxhall,
  • More development opportunities,
  • Future proofing Vauxhall to allow it to become a world class transport interchange.

248_Rendered Masterplan with key

[Note: This draft plan was produced by volunteers for illustrative purposes only.  Our Vauxhall’s proposal retains the existing one way system in the Vauxhall Grove, Bonnington Square area.  The directions are unchanged.  Some directional arrows on this version of the draft plan are incorrect .]

3 Responses to Our Vision

  1. Damian Moore says:

    This is undoubtedly much more attractive than the current situation;however my concern is that by restricting traffic flow around Vauxhall gyratory and in Kennington Lane traffic will be displaced onto secondary residential roads such as Fentiman Road and other linking roads between South Lambeth Road and Clapham Road (I live on Albert Sq). The other concern is that in doing this the arches become so desirable that only chains like M&S and Jamie’s Kitchen can afford them….Careful what we wish for!

  2. mj.keane.uk@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for your comments. We have looked at potential for rat running carefully and believe our scheme will improve rather than restrict traffic flow through Vauxhall. I’m a driver myself and wouldn’t be recommending it if I thought it wouldn’t work. The reason why this can be done is that relatively little traffic (about 2%) travels between South Lambeth Road and Kennington Lane etc. If you look at the wider map this traffic is mostly likely local – vehicles which start or finis locally.

    Point taken on the arches but they already cost a fortune anyway. At least having a higher footfall will help keep businesses survive if not thrive.

  3. Caroline Hirst says:

    It is beyond me why the public transport system and bus station in particular should be dispelled around Vauxhall. I and people I talk to would not feel safe at night waiting for buses in a side street but the bus station feels safe.
    The Our Vauxhall plan takes into account so many important social factors; green spaces reduce carbon emission problems because of the trees and plants absorbing the carbon dioxide; with the huge increase in population around the Vauxhall area there needs to be more open space and other public amenities as an integral part of the infrastructure which does not seem to be taken into account with current building except in a very small and token way; the open space would enhance community spirit which in turn reduces crime and social problems thereby saving valuable resources in the long-term; hard core, such as roads and increased buildings are one of the causes of increased flooding and trees absorb so much water that they can help lessen some of the risk caused by the hard core.
    Why destroy something that is working so well, i.e. the bus station, thereby wasting so many valuable resources which could be used to improve road surfaces, buy more “green buses” and other such facilities to improve movement around the area? Safer cycling would encourage more people to make exercise an integral part of their daily lives which has health implications that save money and other resources.
    These are just some of the benefits of the Our Vauxhall plan that come to mind.

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