About us

We are local residents, architects, transport engineers, businesses, community groups, drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, bus passengers and more. If you care about Vauxhall and want a safer and better future for it where everyone benefits then you are one of us.

Our Vauxhall draws from a number of sources.  The plans are not idle aspirations.  They are evidenced based and the result of thousands of hours of work contributed free of charge by many individuals including professionals working in the area.  The plans have been drawn, tested, revised, checked and further refined.  The key ideas have been tested in public meetings and informal consultation.

Since 2014 individuals have been working pro bono lending their technical expertise to ensure that Vauxhall reaches its potential.

We need your support to make our voice heard and make sure that the future plans for the Vauxhall will achieve the best for the area and its community.

Visit http://www.ourvauxhall.com like us on Facebook at Our Vauxhall or tweet #OurVauxhall to @OurVauxhall.

Our Vauxhall technical group

  • DSDHA Studio (Architects) 
  • -(Engineers)
  • Charlie Holland (Cycling)
  • Michael Keane (Analyst)
  • Peter Murray (Architect)
  • Martin Worthington (Local worker)


Status of plans

The plans and artist impressions on this website draw from a number of sources.  They are not final.

Over the coming months we will be consulting on detailed aspects of the plans; the bus station, cycling, junction design, green spaces etc.  Our focus though is on a major new public green space for Vauxhall.  We need your help to persuade Lambeth and TfL to do the right thing at Vauxhall by backing this plan.


  • The artist impression and plan indicates an aspiration for a new underground entrance/exit on South Lambeth /Harleyford Road.  This would be particularly useful on cricket days but is mainly intended to recognise that there are shops and businesses on that side of the viaduct that need to be supported.
  • Our Vauxhall works with a number of bus station configurations including retention of the existing bus station canopy.  The version of the bus station depicted on the Our Vauxhall plan operates in a similar way to the existing bus station.  This is one of many possible approaches and is probably the least disruptive to implement.
  • The current plan shows particular junction and lane configurations.  These are not final. Detailed design of these junctions and the Vauxhall road network will be subjected to thorough testing and modelling.

5 Responses to About us

  1. chantal coady says:

    I love this proposal and hope it will become reality.
    I live in Bonnington Sq and currently the only road access is via Vauxhall Grove leading from the proposed green area – I hope that this access is being re-routed without having to change the no-entry from Harleyford Rd where the new cycle lane is.
    Also just a wish – can we keep the wonderful rising tide installation please!

  2. PAOLA PIGLIA says:

    I think this proposal is the first sensible not to mention truly visionary way to resolve the Vauxhall interchange conundrum.
    I live locally and am the Chair of the Friends of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens. Throughout the years we have seen TFL propose little adjustments here and there, but no true solution to the unpleasant experience of walking ( from any direction) to and from Vauxhall bus/train/tube station. This proposal would create a truly pleasurable experience and create a wonderful communal space to be enjoyed by the ever increasing Vauxhall population. I hope the original plan to improve Goding Street as well will stay in place as as well. This would create a wonderful link and continuity into the Pleasure Gardens and beyond, finally fulfilling the Green Link promise by various local authority and businesses.

  3. mj.keane.uk@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for your kind comments. We don’t envisage any changes to the current road layout or direction of traffic in the Vauxhall Grove/Bonnington Square area. Residents will still be able to drive through Vauxhall Grove from South Lambeth Road. The main difference with the TfL scheme is that access will be from the relatively quiet Parry Street rather than Kennington Lane end. To facilitate this a section between Parry Street and Vauxhall Grove will be shared space. Van Gogh Walk is a local example. A lot of thought has gone into this including the potential for rat runs. The volume of traffic along South Lamebth Road and the risk of congestion with TfL’s scheme will almost certainly mean a no right turn into Vauxhall Grove from South Lambeth Road due to the rat run risk. We will publish more detailed analysis on this later this weekend.

  4. Willie Landels + Josephine Grever says:

    A plan full of common sense, inspired by responsible professionals with an intimate knowledge of Vauxhall and not motivated by commercial interests. It is important that this proposal should be looked at very seriously by those in power.

  5. Aboluje says:

    I regulary see cars and vans raincg down Grays Inn road until they are forced to come to a stop at the lights. I do not have any high tech equipment or evidence to give details but as a motorist, pedestrian and cyclist myself I know what 30 mph looks like and that isnt it!! I have also witnessed, on numerous occasions motorists running lights at the main Kings Cross junction as they are truning red. I have also taught my daughter not to expect anyone to stop for her at the zebra crossings on grays inn road as motorists usually ignore them. I have asked for speed camers or bumps to slow motorists down on Grays Inn road but have been told (in other words) that there would need to be more casualties for this to be considered. I would rather pre-empt death on my doorstep then wait for it to happen.

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