Vauxhall Gyratory

  • Vauxhall Cross in the busiest local area for motor vehicles with some 81k Annual Average Daily Flow(AADF) in 2013 passing through per day.  This compares with the next nearest, Oval Triangle [Crossing] with an AADF of 57K
  •  In terms of pedal cycles, Oval Triangle is far busier with 9.2k AADF compared with 6.5k for Vauxhall Cross
  • CO2 emissions in 2013 estimated at around 3,000 tonnes per year

Vauxhall Bus Station (2005)

  • 200m long ribbon roof structure designed by Arup
  • 14 bus routes (3 night time only)
  • 9 bus stops (1 for alighting only) and a ‘garaging facility
  • Approximately 150 buses pass through the bus station each hour during the day (about 2,000 per day)

Vauxhall Underground Station (1971)

  • 25.1M Annual Entry and Exits in 2013
  • During weekdays 42k entrances and 38k exits
  • Serviced by Victoria Line

Vauxhall Station (1848)

  • 19.4M Annual Entry and Exits in 2013/14

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