TfL Projects

TfL are planning more than £1 billion investment in local transport infrastructure  Here is a video fly through of their major projects and here are some official

Finding a good solution for Vauxhall needs to take into account the various impacts of these projects


This scheme has been welcomed by cyclists but there are some adverse impacts.

  • Delays to emergency services
  • Increased delays to buses:  Bus lanes have been lost on Vauxhall Bridge and Harleyford Road 
  • Increased risk of cyclist/pedestrian conflict:  Particular concerns near Harleyford Road Community Gardens and floating bus stop
  • Increased rat running: Residents in Fentiman Road report increased traffic using that route although this may be due to a range of reasons not just CS5 
  • Increased incidence of link saturation

It is expected that the layout of CS5 around Vauxhall will have to change in the next few years once two way working is introduced.  Concerns continue to be expressed that CS5 has been constructed on the wrong side of Vauxhall Bridge.

Oval Triangle [Junctions] Improvements
The Oval Triangle vies for being the busiest junction for cyclists in London with an AADF (Annual Average Daily Flow) of more than 8k cyclists. This scheme is well regarded by cyclists. The adverse impacts are:

  • Cycle lanes have been accommodated mostly at the expense of pedestrians and the central ‘Oval Triangle’ green space.
  • The no left turns at the Oval Station, Kennington Rd/Kennington Park Rd and Camberwell New Road/Brixton Road will all affect traffic flows in the area with increased use of rat runs

One surprising omission from this scheme was the section of the Clapham Road (A3) from Oval Station to Fentiman Road – a known collision black spot. Compared with CS5 (Harleyford Road), this section of Clapham Road has twice as many cyclists and only half as many buses and yet no segregated cycling is planned.

Stockwell Cross
This scheme involves removal of the gyratory and ‘peninsularisation’ of the memorial garden which is currently on an island in the gyratory.  The current layout slightly favours traffic heading towards South Lambeth Road so it possible that some vehicles may travel a little further along Clapham Road before turning left down one of a number of possible residential streets including Albert Square, Dorset Road and Fentiman Road.


Vauxhall Cross
Tfl propose a simple two way version of the existing main gyratory.  The plan they consulted on indicates increased queuing at the Kennington Lane viaduct/RVT junction and the need for mitigation measures.  Our Vauxhall reduces the loading on the RVT junction requiring all traffic to/from Stockwell to use the Parry Street viaduct crossing.  This automatically regulates traffic flow and allows the creation of a new public green space



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