Impact of TfL proposal on Wyvil Road

Wyvil Road links South Lambeth and Wandsworth Roads.  It is one of a number of local roads particularly vulnerable to ‘rat running’ as a result of traffic flows around Vauxhall.  Our Vauxhall has undertaken a preliminary Wyvil Road - Impacts of TfL proposals in Vauxhall - A4analysis of traffic flows around this area and has concluded that there will be an increase in rat running through Wyvil Road as a result of the TfL proposal.

Risk of rat running increases due to the distribution of banned movements used in the TfL plan. For example, the no left turn into Parry Street from Wandsworth Road.

The image opposite seeks to illustrate some of the flows that result ins rat running through Wyvil Road.

Click here for a PDF version of this image Wyvil Road – Impacts of TfL proposals in Vauxhall – A4