Who benefits?

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The unifying vision behind Our Vauxhall is to find a solution for Vauxhall where everyone benefits.

Finding the right balance is not easy but we believe we have found that balance.  Our Vauxhall is;

Better for all road users
Every road user will benefit from fewer left/right turns, more direct routes and better segregation of cyclists pedestrians and motor vehicles.  This will make it safer for everyone completing eliminating some road safety risks.

Better for residents, visitors and businesses
The proposed new public green space (more than 5 times the size of an Olympic swimming pool) will make Vauxhall a place not just worth visiting but staying around to enjoy.  The increased foot fall in the area will benefit local shops/businesses by attracting a much higher footfall than a simple 2 way version of the existing gyratory.  Vauxhall will be a place to go to not simply go through.

Better for the environment
Smoother and more efficient traffic flows will help reduce overall CO2 and other emissions. The new public green space will be quieter and have better air quality offering respite from the noisy more polluted road network.  Reduced traffic along Durham Street will benefit the local primary school and others who use the area

Better for public transport users
At the heart of Vauxhall is a major transport interchange (the bus station is the second busiest in London after Victoria).  Our Vauxhall reduces the journey times of bus passengers by allowing buses to take more direct routes compared with current routes.  It also works with a number of bus station/transport interchange configurations including retention of the existing bus station canopy.

Better value for money
Our Vauxhall:

  1. Frees up more land for alternative use -not only is there a major new public green space, instead of South Lambeth Place remaining as a dark and dingy road used by relatively few buses and delivery vehicles, it becomes part of a thriving district centre with more job and business opportunities
  2. Requires less overall road space to operate the bus station
  3. Is cheaper to build and quicker to implement
    Offers a better return on investment

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