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What’s in it for users of public transport; bus passengers, underground and rail users?

  • A safer, flexible, more efficient transport interchange at Vauxhall,
  • Less congested spaces,
  • A greater number of exits from tube and rail platforms,
  • Shorter overall journey times for buses,
  • A much improved legible and active public realm,
  • Less polluted public realm between transport modes,
  • A new public space that has been scaled to cope with future demands.

The new interchange in detail

Many people love the award winning Vauxhall bus station and want to keep it.  Others think it can be improved.  Demolishing the existing bus station and replacing it with a canopy that covers a much larger area is going to be extremely expensive  in addition to whatever further investment may be required in new buildings/retail outlets that form part of the proposed district centre.

Our Vauxhall works with a range of bus station configurations including retention of the existing bus station ribbon canopy (see picture).

The current bus station has complex one way working with 5 entrance/exits.  Transport for London’s proposal https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/roads/vauxhall-cross  involves demolition of the existing structure and building a new covered two way bus station with three entrances/exits.  Our Vauxhall reduces that to two entrances exits thereby freeing up South Lambeth Place for alternative use.

There are competing opinions on how the bus station site should be developed and for this reason flexibility and a degree of future proofing seems sensible.  The existing bus station was built in 2004 only to be under threat of demolition within 10 years of opening.  There is a real possibility that if the existing bus station is demolished, whatever it is replaced with might find itself being out of date within the next few years.

Key facts: Vauxhall transport interchange

  • With some 2,000 buses per day (150 per hour during day) Vauxhall Bus Station is the second busiest behind Victoria
  • There are 14 bus routes – 11 day time  (3 of which offer a 24 hour service) and a further 3 night time only.
  • The 200m long ribbon roof structure was designed by Arup.
  • The cantilevered arms contain 197 solar panels
  • Here is a 2005 review of the bus station published in the Guardian
  • Some 712 Victoria Line tube trains per day stop at Vauxhall Underground Station
  • Some 730 main line trains per day stop at Vauxhall Station

Details of bus routes through Vauxhall

Any solution for Vauxhall must work for buses, their passengers and the travelling public changing between rail, underground and buses. Given the existing road layout and two way working establishes certain bus route desire lines through Vauxhall.  These are the shortest plausible routes.  None of these desire lines pass along South Lambeth Road section of gyratory.  This is another reason wnew public green space as it doesn’t adversely affect buses.

Of course it is not always practical to allow buses to pass precisely along their desire lines.  The requirement to have a central bus station means that buses have to deviate from these lines but obviously it would be better to keep those deviations to a minimum.  As some buses enter and leave Vauxhall by the same arms, there turn out to be eight generic routes through Vauxhall to consider.

  • 2 and 88 (Vauxhall Bridge/South Lambeth Road arms)
  • 36, 185, 436 (Vauxhall Bridge / Kennington Oval arms)
  • 77 (Albert Embankment / Wandsworth Road arms)
  • 87 (Wandsworth Road / Vauxhall Bridge arms)
  • 156 (Nine Elms /Wandsworth /Vauxhall arms)
  • 196 (Wandsworth Road /Kennington Lane arms)
  • 344 (Nine Elms / Albert Embankment arms)
  • 360 (Vauxhall Bridge / Albert Embankment arms)

Existing and ‘Our Vauxhall’ bus routes through Vauxhall shows the existing 8 routes above (each direction) and one version of how they could work with ‘Our Vauxhall’  (There are many variations depending on the precise bus station configuration).

Here is a list of buses that pass through Vauxhall and their origins/destinations;

  • 2 (Marleybone / Norwood)
  • 36 (New Cross / Green Park)
  • 77 (Tooting / Waterloo)
  • 87 (Aldwich / Wandsworth)
  • 88 (Camden Town / Clapham Common)
  • 156 (Wimbledon / Vauxhall)
  • 185 (Lewisham / Victoria)
  • 196 (Elephant & Castle / Norwood)
  • 344 (Clapham Junction / Liverpool Street)
  • 360 (Elephant & Castle / Kensington)
  • 436 (Lewisham /Paddington)

and the six bus routes that run at night;

  • Routes 36, 88 and 344 which offer a 24 hour service.
  • N2 (Crystal Palace / Whitehall)
  • N87 (Aldwych / Kingston)
  • N136 (Chislehurst / Oxford Circus)

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