Local residents

Dangerous junction Kennington Lane - Durham St

What’s in it for local residents?

Over and above benefits from the TfL approach there will be;

  • Improved accessibility
  • Better connections to green spaces
  • Removal of dangerous road crossings and creation of safer routes
  • More local jobs
  • Improved amenities
  • Improved environment
    (Reduced noise levels and improved air quality) 



It’s difficult to see a downside for local residents whether they own or rent property particularly given reduced noise, improved air quality, improved accessibility etc.

Although most local residents don’t own cars, a large proportion do.  Any solution for Vauxhall therefore has to find the right mix of parking restrictions.  The proposed new public green space will attract more people to the area but those tempted to bring cars would need to be encouraged to use other means of transport. Suitable parking restrictions in residential streets will be part of the solution.



Thousands of local residents will be able to reach the Vauxhall transport interchange without having to cross a single main road.  This will particularly benefit the elderly and disabled would be discouraged from visting by having to cross busy main roads

Local residents would unquestionably benefit from the new public green space.  One vision for the Vauxhall District centre focuses on convenience retail.  This may be good for commuters but local residents need a little more.  A possible indoor market in South Lambeth Place building on the success of Vauxhall Food Garden is one possibility.  The new public green space 5 times the size of an Olympic Pool has great potential

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