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What’s in it for pedestrians (walkers/runners)?

In common with Transport for London’s approach, there will be general improvements to crossings throughout the Vauxhall area and roads outside Vauxhall Station will be pedestrianised. ¬†Our Vauxhall offers additional benefits for pedestrians whether they walk or run.

  • Thousands of local people will be able to reach the Vauxhall interchange/district centre without having to cross a single main road
  • Cleaner, greener routes through Vauxhall,
  • Better connections from East to West,
  • Safer journeys¬†through Vauxhall between the interchange, local schools, shops, businesses and green spaces,
  • Fewer points of conflict with other modes of transport,
  • A better place to walk/run (e.g Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens through new public green space to Vauxhall Park

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Our Vauxhall gives greater emphasis to safety and a healthy environment as we believe this will encourage more people to come and stay:

    • Bus flows through the bus station will be simplified reducing risk of pedestrian/bus conflict
    • South Lambeth Place would be closed to through traffic to make way for a possible indoor market
    • The new public green space on South Lambeth Road will have pedestrian priority
    • Durham Street will become much safer due to reduced traffic flows
    • Reduced overall left/right turns and more direct routes on most journeys will reduce overall risk
    • Simplified traffic flows and fewer pedestrians having to cross a main road will make the following junctions much safer
      • Kennington Lane/South Lambeth Road (RVT) ¬†junction
      • Parry Street/South Lambeth Road junction
      • Durham Street/Kennington Lane/ junction

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